We are branding specialists offering all types of graphic design & web design services

What is Alien Muffin?

Although it sounds like something weird and possibly tasty Alien Muffin  is a small graphic design studio founded by brothers Anthony and David (Dave) Cavins. With over 20 years of combined design experience we are ready to help with your project. We have offices in Atlanta, GA and Washington DC. We specialize in providing marketing tools, from one of a kind graphic design & branding , to web design and SEO optimization. We like to work with businesses, ministries, charities and individuals alike. We take pride in creating great designs that stand out.

Web Design

We can help you get started on the web,
from web design and development to content
management and eCommerce solutions.

Graphic Design

Print, the web, social media or
something else we have your graphic
design needs covered.

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    How can we help?

    This is us

    David Cavins

    David Cavins - Alien Muffin

    David Cavins is a Graphic Designer and Web Designer based in the suburbs of Washington, DC.  He started out drawing as a kid, instead of paying attention to the teacher, and has not stopped designing since. He has been doing freelance graphic design, web design and development for the past ten years. David received his MBA from UMUC and enjoys managing projects and delivering great solutions to client needs.

    Anthony Cavins

    Anthony Cavins is an artist working across disciplines in the Metro Atlanta, GA area. He specializes in Graphic & Web Designer, with experience as a  Photographer, Illustrator and a fine artist by night. Anthony received a Bachelors in Studio Art from the University of Alabama in Huntsville in 2008, worked for 8+ years as an in-house Web and Graphic Designer before becoming a Freelance Design Vigilante.

    Some of our past clients

    • Angela Bryant-Brown (Recording Artist)
    • EUEX Car Show
    • SoWo Car Show
    • Essential Joy Natural Products
    • For All Nerds (Podcast)
    • Restoration Praise Center
    • Bren Herrera
    • Gianna Snell Photography
    • Cleverly Changing
    • Fearless (Arian Simone)

    Our Shop

    Lean On Me
    Black Girl Magic
    Roses are Red
    I Matter
    Safe Place
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