Purpose Girl

Purpose Girl

Purpose girl logo samples by alien muffinShari the founder of Purpose Girl Ministries contacted us a while back for help designing a logo for her life coaching business.  Purpose Girl Ministries exists to help women, specifically, live as their best selves. When I first heard the name of the company I immediately thought of a comic book super hero who goes around giving people inspiration and confidence. With that in mind we came up with several different logo ideas and presented them.

In addition to having an awesome logo for business cards and social media it is also a good idea to have a website where people can learn more and hopefully buy your services.  We worked with Purpose Girl Ministries to setup a nice, functional website to help promote the business as well as sell products. Because Shari wanted to be able to manage the site herself we built the site using the WordPress platform and added in additional functionality such as:

  • Contact forms
  • Shopping Cart
  • Online learning functionality
  • Social media integration

Shari is also an author so we helped to design the cover for one of her upcoming books. After trying several different options and looking at tons of stock photos we ended up using photo editing software to composite several images together to get the look she wanted.  Check out her book and website here.

Below are the finalized Purpose Girl logo, website and book cover.

Purpose Girl

Purpose Girl website designed by Alien Muffin

He Already Put a Ring on it - Book cover design by Alien Muffin


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  • Date March 1, 2016
  • Tags Logo Design, Web Design